Thursday, June 28, 2012


你永远都是我心中的英雄 :')


还有两个月,就两年了。听人说,情侣在第二年是最危险的。还有两个月,我们就渡过了!呵呵 :D



这是他剪了botak后,我用“爱的路上只有我和你 - 任贤齐”的歌,自改歌词献给他的。:D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Teacher's Day

Hi peeps. 

I know i'm so LATE, so SLOW. I promised i will spare my time to blog more often, but i don't. I'm sorry :( Please accept me as a lousy blogger, and don't mind for my late post, and hope you all will continue reading my blog :)

Well, the days i'm in college is getting lesser and lesser. As this is the last semester for my Foundation in Arts, there's around 1 more month plus to end soon. Time flies, and now it's mid of May. The last year of today, i was in my NS camp and don't know anything bout my further studies. I gave myself time to think what should i do after i leave NS. In a very prompt and unplanned decision, i went into Sunway college 3 days after i left NS. And so, i met my awesome lecturers and friends. My life began to turned a point to a higher level of process. My college life. 

Well, yesterday is the official Teacher's Day. Our college did not celebrate yesterday, but we celebrated it 2 weeks before. So this is a late update post again haha. Anyway, i still want to blog about it because i think this is a very memorable moment :) 

Handmade card boards for lecturers by July intake :)

My 3 besties. Vivian, Jesvin & Nicholas.

Waving our hands during the singing performance by Jan & March intake students. 

FIA lecturers. 

Ms. Pamela, my previous semester's english lecturer. She's very kind too, but is a very strict lecturer. Our days were so stressed of overwhelming with all of her homeworks in 1st & 2nd sem. Very strict until we all are scare of her sometimes. Lol. But overall, she's a very good lecturer. :)

Keith, my Culture & Idea's lecturer in my previous sem. There's only one word to describe him: FUNNY. Seriously, he's the awesome-est lecturer i've ever met. He talks, he jokes, he acts funny poses and face expressions. I always laughed hard in his class last time. Though the things he taught are quite boring at times, due to the subject i think, it's all about history .___. But i just love his character of how he used to made us laughed. He knows many things, all the things around the world: history, architectures, stories etc. Literally he knows everything! I'm very salute him because i think he's really a genius! Knowledgeable person that made me impressed :D 

 This is how he laughs when he is watching our video that we presented. Cute rite? Hahaha!

Ms. Michelle, my current English lecturer. She's a very cheerful, hilarious and kind teacher. Always acting funny poses while teaching in the class. I always approached her when i have questions, then she will explain to me patiently 

Ms. Neethasha, my Psychology lecturer. Pretty, chill, and friendly. She's only 5 years elder than me, same age as my sis lol. She is a good friend more than a lecturer. She taught us alot about psychology things and we actually gained alot of knowledge that we never learnt before.

This is when she teach about human personality observation in Chatime, Sunway Pyramid. She's a Chatime lover too :) My first experience of having class at outside with a bunch of classmates. Awesome! 

Ms. Ruma, with the red punjabi. She's the head of the whole FIA department. Also can called, the BIG BOSS :D She has a mother-looking face, very lovely and kind :) 

There are many other lecturers that i never mentioned cos i can't get to take pic with them. Yet, they are all AWESOME! Thanks for all of your guiding and gave me a good environment to study and had fun in college! I appreciate it deep down in my heart 

Last but not least, THE GROUP PHOTO!

 FIA July intake 2011. YOU GUYS ROCKS MY WORLD 

Monday, March 19, 2012

3rd semester


I'm here again.

Today is the first day of 3rd semester, and also the last semester of my Foundation course. New classmates, new friends. I've separated with my my other friends in previous semester due to they are taking other elective subject. I'm going to mix a bunch of new friends, hope we can blend the mixture together and have a good communication :)

What makes me feel annoyed in this semester is,

My timetable is SUCKS.

There's a huge gap of break time between my classes. Monday i have 4 hours of break time, Tuesday(optional) & Friday i have 3 hours of break time. What am i suppose to do every time to spend my longgggg hours break? What shit is this zzz

Break longer, time longer.
Time longer, boredom bigger. 
Boredom bigger, money flows out faster!

Eat, play, movie, etc etc what also need money. Except, just slacking around and chit chat all day long -.- I will be seriously broke if i really don't manage my financial well.


This sem is gonna be a BIG challenge for me! I want to score a BETTER result(than last time)! Most importantly is, i must get SCHOLARSHIPSSSSSSS!!!

Still frustrating of choosing which course in my degree. I thought i have decided, but my heart is shaking again :/

Mass Communication or Hospitality

Ahhhhhhhh FAN! PEK CHEK.

Try to ask God. Bye.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Music Man II

Hello readers :) 

I'm enjoying my sem break now ♥ 

That's why i am so free to update blog teehee. Btw, there's 4 more days to my holiday ends. Time passed so fast :( It's mid of March already wtf. 

I'm gonna blog about the Music Man II Tour LeeHom's concert @ Stadium Merdeka on last last Saturday, 03/03/12. I know this post is a lil bit quite long ago, but i wanna share this exciting happiness on my blog here! 

Talk about Wang LeeHom, i listened to his musics when i was a teenage kid. The first song i fell in love with his song is - 心中的日月. Super in love with his songs and i kept repeated listening to it by playing on my radio all the time. I memorized the lyrics and sing all alone in my room. Then, i'm in love with the song - 你和我. That time was about..... 2004 year. Yeah, i was just 11 years old, standard 5. Haha that was when LeeHom came across my mind and stay in my memory ;) 

As time goes by, i just listened to his musics, songs as usual. I'm not a hardcore fan that crazy over him. Until, I'd knew a person on the net. He posted those new released videos in 2010, the album of 十八般武艺 on Facebook, i started to fell in love with LeeHom's musics over again and get attention to this guy...... Yeah, he's my current boyfie! ;D Well, we sparked up our loving lights by that time. Chatting, talking, joking, meet up, and then TADA! Indirectly, LeeHom actually matched us be together ;)

p/s: My bf is actually my cousin's ex-primary school friend as well :) 

And now, I've made LeeHom as my favourite singer and get into his updates all the time! :P

That's how my story about LeeHom and my love story been through. Hehe. I've never been any concerts before. And this is the first time i attend to a music concert, moreover it's my favourite singer's concert! Of course, my feeling was excited to the max! :D 

Waiting to start. #nervous

Sei ngan zai & sei ngan mui.

 Boyfie's siblings. From left: Edison, Ankey, Baby Ken & Me!

Ready for 火力全开!!! 

Soh lou posing HAHAHA. 

 LH stands for LEEHOM!!! 


 LeeHom playing piano.

LeeHom playing ErHu.

Did not captured much photos of every moment during the concert. On halfway, there comes the rain :( We still feeling highhh when listening he sings under the rain! And we follow him singing too 盖世英雄到来!

 At first, i thought it was just drizzling. Mana tau, it became heavier -.-

At the end moment, LeeHom circled the whole stadium while singing 一首简单的歌. That was the happiest moment ever that LeeHom physically appeared in front of me in such short distance!! OMG handsome max! *faint*

I was busy taking his picture from far to near and wasted my few seconds to see him. -.- REGRET MAX. 

Because you know why. This is how all the photos taken back that time.


DAMMIT. I should have record video instead of take photos. #fml

Bought this Music Man II T-shirt for myself. #loves ♥ ♥ 

Front & Back.

Last but not least, give you all a kissie to end my post! 

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

From the yesteryear

Hellowww readers! :)

I know it's quite weird that a long-dead blog suddenly pops out and has a new post here. Well, can't deny the fact that i really stop blogging since last year October. Every time i wanted to blog, but LAZINESS surely pull me back of doing it. (p/s: I'm not a good blogger, i told ya) So that's why, i procrastinated it again and again. UNTIL NOW.

Last time, when i love to blogging, every pictures, every moment that i spent, i would like to share it in the blog. And i would busy spending my time to edit pictures, blogging etc. Now, every picture i captured has nowhere to share with (except Facebook). Uploading pictures in Facebook is just "showing without stories". People sees the picture is nice or the caption is good, then click a LIKE or comment. However, blog isn't being that way. The readers could know the story behind the picture. Or maybe, they could learn or realized something from it. And? Of course, the readers could understand and find out how is the blogger's lifestyle, his/her personality etc etc from what the blogger has wrote. That's how amazing of blogging is :)

Since I am so far apart updating my blog from my last blog post, i'll post some picture from month by month that i think it's memorable and worth to blog about. :)


2nd semester started. I start to indulge with this gang together, everyday. I've changed to a new environment, new people, new group of class. Knew new friends which i never talk/seen before. And now.......

We became a big family :) (p/s: This is just a part of them) They changed my college life into the climax and i have the happiest moment with them ever  


4 days 3 nights Bali trip with family. Enjoyable (Y)

 Unforgettable moment.

A cheerful smile of me :D


Christmas Partayyyy @ cousin's house. Family & relatives reunion :) This is when my cousin sister announced her marriage and will have wedding in this year. #happyforher


New Year's Eve's Eve. Decided to have a big transform on my hair. And also the first time of my "virgin" hair get into this heavy treatment. Dye + Perm = costs me 200+ bucks. Money #poof

From a pure, innocent, naive girl becomes a wild, hot and mature appearance. Right fringe to middle fringe. Natural slight curl to big curl. Black to brown. Big difference huh? Lol. Well, i'd thought of making up my hair since a long time ago. I always wanted to dye my hair when i was in secondary school, but my mom disallowed me and she said, "So young age dye what hair?! Later your hair spoiled ah!" Okay i admit i have a strict mother. Lastly, I went to dye my hair without her knowledge. She nagged me too after i'd make up my hair like this and i'm already 19.

This, is my hairstylist, Edward. He's a funny guy :) He made up everything on my hair. He chose the colour for me, styling the perm for me, and i just sit at there and let him to do everything. That was my first time sitting in the saloon for 6 hourssssss with my hair undone. My ass has flatten, seriously.


Celebrated New Year's Eve with boyfie, cousin sister and her bf @ Genting. No fireworks is a BIG #turnoff -.-


CNY with the college bunch.

I learnt new game during CNY. Lami & Mahjong! I've learnt mahjong before this but i still not really good in it. But now i've understand more and i won few times :P But, LAMI IS THE BESTTTTT!!! I love to play it even until now i'm still craving to play it even though it's not in CNY. Hehe i don't want to gamble, but i just want to play. I'm a playful girll teehee ;)


The valentine's month 

 A pop-up surprise at my house gate when strikes at 12am on Valentine's Day. And he gave me a love card with few touching words in it awww :')

My FIRST time received a bouquet of flowers throughout these 19 years. #happyuntildie 

Love him super duper much!!! 

That's all from yesteryear's November until now :) Next, will be the March. My final exam coming. And then my sem break. Then, 3rd semester and also the last semester of my foundation course. After that, i'm graduate :) Wootsss and of course, my LeeHom concert is cominggggg woohooo ;D #cantwait

See when's my mood come then i'll blog ;) Bye!